LNG bunkering in Europe

25 Apr 2012
Artist impression of LNG bunkering Photo: TGE

Artist impression of LNG bunkering Photo: TGE

Det Norske Veritas (DNV) is conducting a feasibility study for the Flemish Government relating to the provision of LNG bunkering facilities in three Belgian ports.

The annual Process & Asset Risk Management Conference (PARC) recently hosted by DNV in Brussels brought together EU regulators, industry experts and port representatives.

At the conference, it was revealed that Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Ghent are new additions to the list of European ports making an investment in LNG bunkering facilities. DNV is carrying out a study to help consider what needs to be done in terms of amendments to legislation relating to ports and the role of government to help encourage the development of a proper LNG bunkering infrastructure.

Mohamed Houari, DNV head of solutions for central Europe, said: “The Flemish port authorities are optimistic about the potential for safe and efficient LNG operations and DNV’s multidisciplinary analysis will help them move forward confidently.”

LNG is widely regarded to be one of the best solutions for complying with the upcoming emission regulations for ships being introduced in 2015.

A functional and standardised bunkering infrastructure is a prerequisite for the global shipping industry to help promote the widespread use of LNG – DNV chairs the ISO working group responsible for the development of internationally agreed guidelines.

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