Maintenance agreement signed for eight-ship fleet

11 Feb 2010

The 106,000 dwt crude oil carrier Mastera within the Neste Oil fleet will be covered by the new maintenance agreement signed between Wärtsilä and Neste Oil

Marine industry ship power system integrator Wärtsilä has signed a five-year maintenance agreement with Neste Oil of Finland.

The agreement covers both the main and auxiliary engines, delivered by Wärtsilä, for eight vessels in the Neste Oil fleet. According to the agreement, Wärtsilä offers maintenance operations, spare parts, including performance optimisation, as well as an annual visit of specialists to check the optimal operation of each vessel's engines under running conditions.

"Our strategy is to use the original manufacturer's spare parts in the diesel engines' critical sections and the manufacturer's service personnel in major overhaul works. Now with this maintenance agreement we can fulfil our strategy in the most cost efficient way. We do see additional value like annual performance tests and enhanced communication between our operational personnel and Wärtsilä's technical support. This will improve engine reliability and fuel economy making our ships even safer, more environmentally friendly and more efficient", says Sami Niemelä, technical manager, Neste Oil.

Neste Oil operates a fleet of about 30 vessels. It transports around 40 million tons of crude oil, petroleum products and chemicals annually, primarily in the Baltic Sea (a particularly sensitive sea area, (PSSA)), the North Sea and the North Atlantic. All of the company's vessels are ice-reinforced and feature a double hull.

Wärtsilä claims extensive experience in providing long-term operational and management services for about 1000 similar engines installed in ships and land-based power plants all over the world.

"Our maintenance agreements offer customers maximum reliability, even without an annual overhaul," says Markus Nyström, account manager, Wärtsilä Finland. "There are four elements. In addition to ensuring operational reliability, both spare parts and maintenance operations are provided in a cost-efficient manner. There is also what we call a "dedicated technical contact point", which means weekly conversations between the chief engineer on each ship and Wärtsilä personnel to keep a close check on the condition of the engines. The fourth element is performance optimisation, an annual visit to each vessel by Wärtsilä specialists to ensure that everything is as it should be under running conditions."

Wärtsilä's maintenance agreements are available for all marine installations. With a long term service agreement, the customer is offered guaranteed availability of spare parts and maintenance crews. Wärtsilä says that by having annual onboard visits and continuous monitoring of the engine condition, the engine efficiency can be optimised.

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