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Major orders for epoxy pipe from Europe

17 Aug 2011
BWT system using FPI’s GRE pipework

BWT system using FPI’s GRE pipework

Future Pipe Industries (FPI) says that it has secured several recent orders for its glass fibre reinforced epoxy (GRE) systems to the marine industry in Europe, showing strong regional demand for the product.

The projects vary in scope, size and application, and include pipe work for ballast water treatment systems for two Wallenius ships installed by FPI’s Swedish partner Scanunit, a newbuilding at Brodosplit yard in Croatia ,and a Hochtief newbuilding at the Crist yard in Poland. In addition, GRE will be supplied for the replacement of corroded steel pipes in the scrubber unit onboard ship Tor Ficaria and the replacement of the seawater cooling system on icebreaker Ymer in Sweden, which is the third ice breaker for which FPI has supplied its GRE pipe system.

FPI claims that GRE is the ideal pipe material for the marine market, offering lower installation costs thah galvanised steel, rubber lined steel and Cunifer. This is primarily due to GRE’s lightweight nature and ease of handling. FPI says that steel pipe systems typically need replacement two or three times during the lifetime of the ship, but GRE pipe system will last the full lifetime of the ship therefore reducing maintenance costs and total cost of ownership.

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BWT system using FPI’s GRE pipework

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