Malaysian crew boat from Strategic Marine

10 Mar 2011
Strategic Marine’s crew boat ASB Mutiara 5

Strategic Marine’s crew boat 'ASB Mutiara 5'

Western Australian shipbuilder Strategic Marine’s Singapore shipyard has delivered another 40m offshore oil and gas support vessel to Malaysia.

The crew boat ASB Mutiara 5 was handed over to Malaysia-based global infrastructure company ASB Maritime Resources, a joint venture between Asian Supply Base and Tiong Woon Corporation. It is now operating in the Labuan oil fields in East Malaysia, and is the first vessel of its type to be registered in the state of Sabah.

The boat can transfer up to 58 oil rig personnel at a cruising speed of 25 knots, being powered by two Cummins KTA38 M2 and one Cummins KTA50 M2 engines. It can carry 55,000 litres of fuel and 25,000 litres of fresh water to be transferred to rigs or other vessels.

Strategic Marine says that it is currently contracted for more than 250 vessels at its yards in Australia, Singapore, Vietnam and Mexico.

Managing director, Singapore Ron F. Anderson said the ASB Mutiara 5 was the 12th crew boat to be built at Strategic Marine's Singapore Shipyard for delivery to the Malaysian market. “This project is an endorsement of Strategic Marine's commitment to design and delivery excellence and marks the start of a long partnership with ASB Maritime Resources," he said. "It is another step towards our goal of gaining market leadership in the crew boat market throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. "In order to meet this growth, our Singapore shipyard is undergoing a major expansion. Planning and approvals are almost complete for dredging the waterfront for a 3.5m draft at zero tide, the installation of finger piers for a 500 tonne mobile boat hoist and a new workshop extension which are expected to be completed before the end of 2011."

Dato Harris Bin Hj. Annuar Tan, CEO of Asian Supply Base said: "The company is very excited with the new crew boat as it marks another milestone in our diversification plan to become a fully integrated supply base. The ASB Mutiara 5 is a vessel of the highest quality and fits very well with the company's goals, objectives and strategies to stay ahead in the global marine and offshore arena by providing the best level of service to meet our customers' needs. It was delivered within the scheduled timeline to exacting standards and Strategic Marine kept us up-to-speed with the construction process at all times. We are looking forward to continue working with Strategic Marine to take advantage of the vast opportunities in the Malaysian oil and gas industry and I’m sure this will be the first of many vessels to service the Kota Kinabalu oil fields."

Tiong Woon is an integrated services company in Asia which possesses heavy lift, heavy haulage, marine transport services and a fabrication yard. It specialises in oil and gas offshore platform construction, marine vessel fabrication, repair services and heavy steel module fabrication. Asian Supply Base is a provider of integrated logistic services and facilities to meet the requirement of the oil and gas exploration, development and production activities off the coasts of Sabah Sarawak and Brunei.

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