MAN licensee breaks 100 million bhp barrier

04 Oct 2010
The HHI-EMD ceremony was attended by a long list of invited guests including from MAN Diesel & Turbo

The HHI-EMD ceremony was attended by a long list of invited guests including from MAN Diesel & Turbo

HHI-EMD, the engine and machinery division of Hyundai Heavy Industries, recently held a ceremony in Ulsan to commemorate the company’s production milestone of 100 million bhp.

HHI-EMD was MAN Diesel & Turbo’s first two-stroke licensee in Korea with the original agreement signed in 1976. The first drawings were subsequently delivered to Hyundai in 1978 with the first engine, a 7L55GF, delivered the following year.

Engine production doubled its output to two engines in 1980 and rapidly increased over the years with Hyundai able to report the production of 88 engines in the second quarter of 2010 alone, a company record. In terms of bhp, HHI-EMD celebrated 50 million bhp in 2005 and taken just five years to add the next 50 million bhp.

From MAN Diesel & Turbo two-stroke headquarters in Copenhagen, Klaus Engberg drew attention to the different firsts Hyundai has achieved over the years, including the different B&W models it has produced. He said: “In all these years, we have been delighted with HHI’s support when introducing new engine designs. The company’s entrepreneurship and production facilities have been instrumental in the common development of new Hyundai-MAN B&W engine-types.”

Engberg paid tribute to the “engines of the highest standard” that HHI-EMD produces and said that the Korean group has developed into a valued partner in the continuous development of diesel-engine technology. He continued: “License production is based on the trustworthiness of both companies and their employees. HHI-EMD has constantly and systematically improved the quality of engines and services. Hyundai-MAN B&W engines have not only created prosperity and welfare in Ulsan, but they have spread it to all corners of the world.”

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