MAN power for Brazil

30 May 2013
'João Candido', sister vessel of 'Zumbi dos Palmares', was delivered in 2010

'João Candido', sister vessel of 'Zumbi dos Palmares', was delivered in 2010

After being fitted with a MAN B&W 6S70ME-C type prime mover and three MAN 7L23/30H auxiliary engines, Suezmax tanker, ‘Zumbi dos Palmares’, has been delivered to Brazilian hydrocarbon transportation company, Transpetro.

The 274.2m Zumbi dos Palmares was the second vessel to be built by Estaleiro Atlantico Sul (EAS) as part of the Brazilian Government’s Programme for Modernisation and Expansion of the Fleet (PROMEF) shipbuilding programme.

Under the PROMEF programme, Transpetro has ordered a total of 28 ships, all to be equipped with MAN B&W two stroke prime movers. Each engine has an output of around 22,000 bhp.

“We are proud to participate in this new chapter of Brazilian shipbuilding history,” said Lincoln de Sousa, diesel division director of MAN Diesel & Turbo in Brazil. “We want to congratulate Transpetro on the successful launch and are confident that our engine will contribute to a successful working life for the new tanker. To this end, we have already trained some of the Zumbi dos Palmares crew on various aspects of the engine’s operation at our MAN Primeserv Academy in Rio de Janeiro.”

At the delivery ceremony, which took place at the EAS shipyard in north eastern Brazil, Transpetro announced the reactivation of contracts for 12 ships to be constructed by EAS. The latest newbuilding is one of 10 Suezmax vessels EAS is contracted to produce.

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