MAN to cooperate with gas-tank specialist

21 Sep 2010
An LNG bilobe tank (support design patented by TGE)

An LNG bilobe tank (support design patented by TGE)

MAN Diesel & Turbo has reached agreement with TGE Marine Gas Engineering, market leader and specialist in the design and construction of cargo-handling systems for cryogenic gases, regarding their future cooperation.

In particular, the agreement centres on MAN Diesel & Turbo’s highly efficient and flexible, medium-speed, dual-fuel engines and the mutual benefits arising from a collaboration with TGE’s gas systems to offer optimum customer solutions for gas-fuelled ships.

The new collaboration targets the technical and commercial adaptation of the sub-systems engine, gas storage & supply plant and control systems. This paves the way for MAN to offer tailor-made solutions that meet customers’ specific requirements, guaranteeing maximum performance and avoiding unnecessary investment.

The MAN Diesel & Turbo/TGE Marine Gas Engineering agreement offers many benefits for customers, especially optimum system dynamics through integrated control systems. Another significant advantage of the collaboration is the integrated safety systems it brings while it also caters for the takeover of total responsibility by one contract partner, if desired. Overall, the agreement aims to realise economically friendly and competitive propulsion systems, developed by technology leaders within DF-engine and gas-storage and supply systems.

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