MHI and Hakata team up on container carrier

19 Mar 2013

Japanese company’s Mitsubishi Heavy industries (MHI) and Hakata Shipbuilding Co have teamed up to develop a 1,000 teu container carrier and have received their first order.

The order comes from Korea Marine Transport Co Ltd (KMTC) for two fuel efficient, high performance, high quality and low cost vessels which will be used for time chartering. KMTC says it chose the joint venture’s vessel for its superiority in loading capacity and fuel efficiency compared to regular 1,000 teu container ships.

Under the agreement, MHI will be responsible for creating the conceptual design and developing the hull form of the container carrier, while Hakata Shipbuilding will carry out the basic and detailed design and will construct the ship.

The first two ships are expected to enter into service in October 2014.

MHI and Hakata Shipbuilding say they hope to establish a framework for competing in the international feeder container ship market and their main aim is to increase the demand of new high performance container carriers in Japan and other countries.  

The joint venture is part of MHI’s long term strategy to develop its shipbuilding and ocean development business and its engineering operations, while Hakata has been looking to obtain advanced container ship technologies, including energy saving features.

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