MHI completes ‘MALS-14000CS’ design

14 Oct 2010
Diagram of the MALS-14000CS conceptual design

Diagram of the MALS-14000CS conceptual design

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has completed the conceptual design of the ‘MALS-14000CS’, a ‘New Panamax’ 14,000 TEU container vessel that will contribute to the prevention of global warming.

MALS-14000CS adopts the Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System (MALS), said to reduce frictional resistance between the vessel hull and seawater using air bubbles at the vessel bottom produced by air. Incorporating the MALS, along with advanced high-efficiency ship hull design and propulsion system, the vessel is claimed to be capable of reducing CO2 emissions by 35% compared with conventional container ships.

MHI has already installed MALS on the Yamatai a 19,500 dwt heavy load ro-ro carrier operated by NYK-Hinode Line, a subsidiary of NYK Line, and is verifying its CO2 reduction efficiency, expecting around a 10% reduction. This is thought to be the first application of an air-blow type ALS system on an ocean-going vessel for permanent use. MALS-14000CS will represent the second application of MALS technology.

As well as the expected 10% CO2 reduction, the MALS-14000CS design is expected to achieve reductions up to 24% through its new high-performance hull form, coupled with a two-engine, two-shaft propulsion system. Combined with a further 5% reduction enabled by the electronically controlled engine and waste heat recovery system, this will represent a claimed overall 35% cut in CO2 emissions. The environmental credentials of the MALS-14000CS can be further improved through the installation of a SOx scrubber and a ballast water treatment system.

The design features a bridge/accommodation block forward of midships underneath which there is additional container space while the exhaust funnels are located at the stern in order to provide increased container capacity.

MHI says it will continue to address CO2 reduction through its ‘Eco-ship’ research project, applying the principles to other ship types and marine machinery technologies.

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