Mixed blessings - and a warning

23 Apr 2012
For some companies, regulations will be a question of life or death

For some companies, regulations will be a question of life or death

Although there is no overall conflict between CO2 reductions and financial results as efficiency issues "become business critical", Leonardo Sonzio of Wärtsilä says that for some, regulations “will be a matter of life and death”.

Talking at a Wärtsilä online webinar, he pointed out that these regulations are taking place at a time of volatile markets.

“Certain rules are causing an additional cost for the shipping industry and for some companies, these will be a question of life or death - meaning survival or a risk of bankruptcy.” He added, “It is the role of the regulators is to balance financial targets with environmental targets and think about any incentives or financial aid that can be allocated.”

He added the role of the technology providers is to work with customers to deliver solutions with the minimum impact on costs, both investment and also operational costs. Further, the technology has to be easy to operate and install, without creating “additional headaches”.

Further, his colleague Tom Nyman pointed out that the industry is “a little bit behind schedule” on ballast water treatment. Of 70,000 ships at present, he said 40,000 would have to be equipped with ballast water technology before 2014.

“This means some 20 ships a day would have to be commissioned - if we start today.” Further, he added that the SOx rules are hitting at the same time. “We have a lot of resources, but if we wait more, it will mean 100 ships a day,” he concluded.

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