MOL introduces SEEMP for tanker fleet

13 Jan 2011

Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) has established a ship energy efficiency management plan (SEEMP) and started its use with the MOL tanker fleet.

The SEEMP is intended to provide the most efficient vessel operation method, taking into account route selection, appropriate maintenance, slow steaming, ocean currents, and weather, to reduce CO2 emissions while ensuring safe operation and maintaining a strict operation schedule.

Initially, the SEEMP was initiated by MOL Tankship Management (Europe) then provided for all vessels managed by the MOL tanker division’s in-house companies, effective from 1 January, 2011 to ensure ongoing improvement in energy efficiency by following the plan-do-check-action (PDCA) cycle.

MOL has also established an energy efficiency operational indicator (EEOI) for tankers which indicates CO2 grams per mile for each tonne of cargo transported, based on actual vessel operation, as an index to verify the SEEMP’s effectiveness. Monitoring these parameters will allow MOL to set CO2 emissions reduction targets to improve energy efficiency in line with the SEEMP plan.

In October 2010, MEPC61 at IMO agreed in principle on compulsory steps to adopt the SEEMP. In addition, guidelines on energy efficiency and fuel management were issued at the oil companies international marine forum (OCIMF) made up of major oil companies, reflecting key customers’ requests for improvements in tanker fuel efficiency.

MOL has promoted the Sempaku ISHIN project, the environment-friendly, next-generation vessel concept since 2009, which it says takes a pro-active approach to development and introduction of technologies to reduce CO2 emissions. The company says it has taken various other measures, including the introduction of SEEMPs for all ship types, starting with tankers, to reduce the environmental burden of its operations. MOL is aiming for a reduction in CO2 emissions per tonne-mile by 10% in 2015 compared to its 2009 figures. 

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