MOL to demonstrate gas injection

06 Mar 2012

Mitsui OSK Lines has said that it is jointly, with Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding, to conduct a demonstration run of an electrically-controlled low speed diesel engine modified to incorporate a gas injection system.

The engine is eventually destined for delivery to a shipyard for an MOL newbuilding, in which it will operate with conventional oil injection. During manufacture it will be temporarily modified to an electrically-controlled gas injection dual- fuel low speed diesel engine. MOL says the engine will be demonstrated running with vaporised LNG at MES’ Tamano works in the first half of 2013.

MOL, recognising that LNG is a potential propulsion fuels for future ships, intends to apply the results of the gas injection trials to its future ship designs, most likely as part of its Sempaku ISHIN environmentally-friendly ship project, which features in its mid-term environmental plans.

MES says it has previous experience of low-speed gas-fuelled engine technology through its work on LNG-fuelled power generation systems at its Chiba works.

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