More tankers for Maersk

10 Feb 2014

Maersk Tankers is to receive more MR vessels from South Korean shipyard Sungdong Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co after utilising an option for another two new builds.

This latest order is on the back of a previous order made in November 2013 for four MR vessels.

Morten H Engelstoft, CEO, Maersk Tankers, said to The Motorship: “We will continuously evaluate the need for renewing our product fleets with younger vessels, in order to stay relevant and attractive in the market. Our MR fleet is, with its average age of 13.5 years, our oldest fleet, and therefore the one in most urgent need of renewal."

The vessels will weigh in at 50,000 tonnes and will be fitted with the latest generation MAN B&W ultra long stoke engines, G-type. Maersk says these have the lowest fuel consumption of any main engines available today.

They will also have optimised hull lines, composite boiler with sludge burning and waste heat recovery from all axuiliary engines.

Maersk told MS the vessels will trade spot and shorter TC contracts through the Handytankers pool and will therefore trade globally.

All six vessels are expected to be delivered in 2016 and 2017.

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