STX orders Hamworthy technology

01 Nov 2010

Hamworthy Serck Como has secured a new order for its multi stage flash (MSF) evaporators, the technology regularly specified by cruise ship owners as the means of producing fresh water from seawater to meet World Health Organization (WHO) potable water standards.

MSC Cruises has selected the Hamworthy MSF evaporator for installation on board its latest 133,500gt newbuild, which is due to be built at STX France in St Nazaire. With a capacity for 3,274 passengers plus 1,600 crew, the MSF plant will be delivered in mid 2011.

Udo Attermeyer, Sales Director at Hamworthy Serck Como, said that around 130 cruise ships now feature Hamworthy’s MSF Evaporator technology, representing the company’s continuing strong performance in this sector.

The latest newbuild will feature two MSF 950-8 units and will be installed close to the ship’s diesel engines. Attermeyer said that that the newbuilding would use the plant to generate both technical water, for use to feed boilers and in the ship’s laundry, and potable water.

Drawing on waste energy from the ship’s diesel engines, the Hamworthy ‘multi-flash’ plant solution uses positive pressure to evaporate seawater, producing a distillate meeting WHO standards for potable water that can either be discharged or used as technical water onboard ship as required. It represents the only evaporation principle where heat transfer and evaporation are strictly separated.

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