Napier appoints Royston as service agent

11 Jun 2012
Commercial directors Gary Rodgers of Napier and Sarah Wade of Royston sign the service centre agreement

Commercial directors Gary Rodgers of Napier and Sarah Wade of Royston sign the service centre agreement

Diesel engine service company Royston has been appointed as UK service centre for Napier turbochargers, ensuring that Napier customers in the UK receive only official spare parts from the Napier factory.

According to Royston, this will introduce a new level of convenience and flexibility to Napier customers while also reassuring them that only genuine Napier parts and engineering standards are being used in repairs and servicing.

“This can be particularly important for turbochargers as serious problems can arise from using non-genuine turbocharger parts,” explains Lawrence Brown, managing director of Royston. He adds that use of non-genuine parts can lead to higher fuel consumption and increased service costs due to a shorter component life, so using cheaper components will not have saved the user any money.

Royston has enjoyed a close working relationship with Napier Turbochargers for over 15 years in which time Royston has demonstrated its expertise in supporting the company’s products regardless of their age. The service centre agreement puts this relationship on an official footing and gives customers the option of using an approved service provider whose work will maintain their certifications.

“The problem for the ship owner has been that in the UK the Napier factory has been the only officially guaranteed provider of Napier servicing standards,” said Gary Rodgers, commercial director of Napier. “This can make the customer vulnerable to using service companies that may be cheaper because they fit components that lack any quality guarantee. This has now changed as Royston can provide support that matches that which is available from our Lincoln factory. In fact, in some ways it is better as Royston can support any turbocharger we have ever made and holds a substantial stock of genuine parts that the customer can rely upon.”

Royston is now one of 27 independent authorised Napier turbocharger service centres and is the only one in the UK. It will consequently concentrate on the UK market although Royston also has facilities in Perth, Australia. In addition to its engine maintenance and repair services, the company designs and manufactures the enginei fuel and engine monitoring system.

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