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18 Nov 2011
C175-16 Marine Propulsion Engine

C175-16 marine propulsion engine

Caterpillar has introduced a new C175-16 marine propulsion engine, which the company says enters the market at a size, power and rpm that will drive new, more profitable vessel designs for all marine market segments.

The C175-16 is the latest in Cat’s line of high performance engines designed to meet EPA Tier 3 and IMO Tier II emissions requirements. It comes in power ratings of 2,001–2,168kW at 1,600 rpm and 2,239-2,550kW at 1,800 rpm, thus extending the company’s high speed portfolio upwards from the existing 3516C-HD engine.

The C175 engine, on which the marine version is based, is already being offered in other non-road applications to meet EPA Tier 4 requirements. The company says the C175-16 is targeted at offshore support vessels, tugs, and workboat applications, and features technology advancements and updates to ensure maximum productivity and minimal environmental impact.

The C175-16 features Caterpillar’s Acert technology, with optimised turbocharging and after-cooling to provide reliable maximum power output. The company claims that the efficient combustion reduces engine wear and maximises fuel economy, giving the maximum energy from each injection cycle.

With a bore of 175mm and a stroke of 220mm, the C175-16 is designed for high efficiency with high propulsion output from a high speed engine platform. Additional features include:

  • Turbocharged and after-cooled aspiration;
  • MCS approved monitoring, alarm, and protection system;
  • Cross-flow head design;
  • Simplified electrical system.

The engine also features a common rail fuel system enabling low emissions at all levels, and requires no after-treatment to comply with current regulations. Maintenance costs are kept down by fitting thermo-laminated heat shields, and a 1,000-hour oil change interval.

“The C175 marine propulsion engine has been designed to improve total vessel profitability by providing durability with unmatched power output to ensure our customers can maximize profit in their offshore and commercial operations. It is the new industry standard in terms of hard-working, revenue-producing power,” said Bob Hallengren, Caterpillar Marine Power Systems product director. “Naval architects can design vessels around the Cat C175 engines with the confidence these engines will deliver in terms of power and load carrying capability.”

“This engine is a great choice for vessel owners and designers who want to gain greater productivity from their vessels while significantly minimizing their environmental impact,” said John Shock, Caterpillar Marine Power Systems offshore segment manager. “The new C175-16 features a number of enhancements that will improve overall engine life while reducing the cost of ownership.”

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