New Caterpillar logistic center in Germany

14 May 2010

With the continued growth of MaK diesel engine sales around the world for marine, power generation, and petroleum applications, Caterpillar has launched a new logistic center located in Henstedt-Ulzburg, near Hamburg, Germany.

The warehouse, comprising an interior area of nearly 15,000m2, is the fourth facility in Germany for Caterpillar Motoren GmbH and will serve as a hub for MaK spare parts for customers throughout the world. With its close proximity to both the international airport and the port infrastructure in Hamburg, the logistic center will increase velocity for parts availability to customers and reduce costs.

The modern warehouse was designed and built according to logistic standards developed by Caterpillar, as well as the manufacturing standards developed through 6 Sigma and Cat Production System (CPS). This methodology has been incorporated at every Caterpillar manufacturing facility and creates a network of best practices to streamline processes and maximize the potential of every employee to ensure industry leading quality and velocity. For example, the architecture of the building was designed to shorten the distance people and parts would need to travel through the cycle of unloading, storage, and shipping. A reduction in process time and movement is one critical element of CPS, eliminating waste by limiting excess motion.

Along with a smart design to eliminate waste, the logistic center was developed to support Caterpillar’s commitment to sustainable development by focusing on energy efficiency through the installation of an energy saving lighting system and utilization of natural rain water. Additionally, the location of the facility reduces the distance trucks have to travel, resulting in less impact on the environment.

Nearly 40 employees at the facility will manage parts stocking and distribution, order processing, accounting, information technology, legal and human resources.

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