New ‘green’ cruise ferry may be fuelled by LNG

25 Oct 2010
Preliminary profile of the new environmentally-friendly cruise ferry to be built in Finland for Viking Line by STX Europe

Preliminary profile of the new environmentally-friendly cruise ferry to be built in Finland for Viking Line by STX Europe

STX Finland and Viking Line have signed a preliminary agreement for the construction of an environmentally-friendly, new-generation cruise ferry to be operated by Viking Line between Stockholm and Turku.

The agreement includes an option for a sister ship. The ship price will be about €240 million, and it will be built at Turku shipyard for delivery in early 2013. The ferry is intended to be the most environmentally-friendly large passenger vessel to date. Even though it has not yet been finally decided, the goal is to use LNG as fuel. It is claimed that the ship will have no marine emissions and its aerial emissions are expected to be extremely low. It has been specially designed to operate in the delicate and shallow-water archipelago environment, with minimal wave formation and low noise generation.

President of STX Finland, Juha Heikinheimo said, "I´m extremely delighted with this project and the continuation of cooperation with Viking Line. When the ship is completed, it will be highly innovative and the most environmentally friendly cruise ferry in the world. Special attention has been given on ensuring that the ship creates pleasant passenger experiences".

Representing about 2600 man-years employment, the preliminary agreement is said to be highly important both to the Turku shipyard of STX Finland and to the entire Finnish shipbuilding cluster, which has suffered from the lull caused by the global financial crisis. "Actively operating shipyard is also much more competitive partner than an empty one when we are competing on new cruise ship projects", Heikinheimo says.

The design of the new ship is to start immediately at Turku shipyard, with building scheduled to start during autumn 2011. Throughout the design and building process the shipyard says it will continue to improve efficiency in production in order to increase productivity by further industrialisation of operations.

The ferry is about 210m in length with a gross tonnage of 57,000. The ship, which has a speed of close to 23 knots, is planned for a capacity of 2,800 passengers and will be operated by 200 crew. 870 passenger cabins will be installed, while the vehicle decks will have almost 1300 lane-metres for trucks and a separate deck with around 500 lane-metres for passenger cars. Additional room for passenger cars will be provided on hoistable car decks.

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