New heavy-duty small engine from Korea

26 Nov 2012
Hyundai Seasall’s new heavy-duty L500

Hyundai Seasall’s new heavy-duty L500

Korean engine maker Hyundai has introduced a heavy duty high-speed diesel engine with a 500bhp continuous rating, which is aimed primarily at the smaller commercial vessel markets, writes Dag Pike.

The six-cylinder L500 features an electronically-controlled fuel injection system which allows it to meet strict emission standards and to deliver heavy duty power and torque over a wide range of engine speeds. Based on a 12.7 litre block, the L500 is of a simple design, aiming for high levels of reliability. There is a waste gate turbocharger and an integrated oil cooler in the cylinder block. The oil, fuel and seawater pumps are all gear driven rather than using belt drive and the monosteel pistons are gallery cooled. Maintenance is assisted by such features as the easily accessible seawater pump and oil cartridge. Both the air and the oil filters are of the washable and re-useable type and the engine is fitted with an electric oil change pump.

The engine is a four stroke, four valves per cylinder unit with the valves driven by an overhead camshaft. Fresh water cooling is used and the air charge passes through an inter-cooler. The bore and stroke are 130mm by 160mm and the engine is designed to produce its maximum torque of 230kg/m at 1,200rpm. The maximum rpm is 1,800 and the maximum fuel consumption is 91 litre/h.

First deliveries of this new engine are now available and this new more powerful engine will supplement Hyundai’s H380, 380bhp engine introduced last year. These new engines are manufactured in a joint venture between Hyundai and Kia Motors, known as Hyundai Seasall.

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