New mid-size waterjet series from Wärtsilä

02 Mar 2011
Wärtsilä’s competitive, easy-to-install waterjet package for a shaft power of up to 4,500kW

Wärtsilä’s competitive, easy-to-install waterjet package for a shaft power of up to 4,500kW

A new mid-size range of Wärtsilä waterjet s features 'plug & play' installation, inboard hydraulics, ease of maintenance and improved economic and environmental performance.

Wärtsilä’s new series expands the company’s stainless steel jet portfolio to include all sizes from 510mm to 3250mm. The company claims to be the only supplier serving both mid-size and the lower range of large waterjet applications with a single product. The new series is aimed particularly at the high speed ferry, high speed patrol craft and superyacht segments.

The new waterjets feature what the company describes as “a number of significant competitive advantages” and are designed for long-term, reliable performance. High quality materials are used for structural parts, including the wide use of stainless steel in the jet construction. Although aluminium is widely used and accepted in water jet fabrication, Wärtsilä says that abrasion resistant stainless steel conserves the carefully-designed shape of stator blades in order to retain high levels of fuel efficiency. The impeller and shaft are also constructed from stainless steel, to maintain continuous high performance, and reduce short-term maintenance requirements.

The new waterjets are designed as a 'plug & play' installation module that offers lower installation costs and simplified build schedules. The packaged delivery has inlet duct shapes optimised for different hull forms, with integral inlet duct designs researched by CFD technology to optimise hydrodynamic properties. Another key feature is that the hydraulic system has no oil retaining elements protruding outside of the transom. This eases maintenance and, says the company, is environmentally sound.

"This enhanced midsize waterjet series makes Wärtsilä extremely competitive for a vast array of high speed vessel applications. The ease of installation, the reliability, and the overall attention to detail that these waterjets incorporate, puts them at the forefront of developments in this field," says Aaron Bresnahan, vice president, special vessels segment, Wärtsilä Ship Power.

In 2006, Wärtsilä introduced its line of axial flow waterjets that is today in operation in many 100m-plus monohull, catamaran and trimaran designs. The largest 26,000 kW jets are driven by the latest generation of gas turbines. While maintaining good hydrodynamic properties and extended cavitation margins of the large axial waterjet designs, Wärtsilä's new mid-size series is said to represent a cost competitive, easy-to-install package for shaft power of up to 4,500kW.

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