New structure software version issued

08 Jul 2011
PrimeShip HULL (Rules) screen shot

PrimeShip-HULL (Rules) screen shot

ClassNK has released version 5.0 of its structural assessment software programs PrimeShip-HULL(Rules) and PrimeShip-HULL(DSA), which are in use by shipyards globally.

Version 5.0 of the software, which ClassNK will make available free of charge, is said to include a variety of new usability improvements along with new features for calculating the structural and direct strength requirements of tankers and bulk carriers. ClassNK says that the release of this new software comes about as shipyards and designers are looking for ways to more easily address the design issues raised by new regulations.

PrimeShip-HULL(Rules)/CSR is specialist software for performing structural evaluations using the scantling formulae defined in the IACS CSR. Version 5.0, which is available in both tanker and bulk carrier versions, possesses a number of functions, and Class NK claims it boasts an improved user friendly interface and easily understandable output results.

PrimeShip-HULL(DSA)/CSR is intended for performing the direct strength assessment calculations defined in the CSR. Using an FE model, users can execute complicated FEM analyses by make use of features like PrimeShip-HULL(DSA)’s automatic identification of structural members and compartments. A user-assistance function is provided to guide users through the operation process.

“As the requirements of new regulations and conventions grow, so too does the burden on ship designers. Just as with our efforts to improve safety and protect the marine environment, finding ways to help improve efficiency and reduce workloads via IT development has become one of our core missions as a classification society,” says chairman and president Noboru Ueda. “Along with our collaborative efforts with IBM and other companies, the release of this new edition of our independently developed PrimeShip-HULL Software is an important step in our efforts to support the maritime industry, and in line with our non-profit mission, we are proud to make it freely available to the world’s ship designers.”

Ueda’s comments are echoed by ClassNK development department manager Toshiyuki Shigemi who oversaw the development of the new version of PrimeShip-HULL, “Even as the IACS Common Structural Rules and other new regulations have helped usher in a new era of safer ships, calculating the requirements for structural members has become a more and more difficult process. The PrimeShip-HULL software series has been specifically designed with this goal in mind, and Version 5.0 is without a doubt the most powerful and the most usable version of PrimeShip-HULL ever developed. We work constantly to incorporate user feedback to not only make improvements in terms of interface and usability, but also to add powerful new features and upgrade overall performance. For Tanker designers especially, the release of version 5.0 represents a major step up in terms of calculation performance, but significant improvements have been made for all of the software in the PrimeShip-HULL lineup.”

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