New ultrasonic cleaning equipment from Unitor

29 Dec 2010
New Unitor ultrasonic cleaning tank from Wilhelmsen Ships Service

New Unitor ultrasonic cleaning tank from Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Wilhelmsen Ships Service has launched a new range of ultrasonic cleaning machines under its Unitor brand. The machines are available in four sizes up to 383 litres.

The cleaners are said to include some advanced features, such as an ultrasound sweep function to ensure a uniform distribution of the cleaning function throughout the cleaning bath. The company says that its new cleaners are lighter, easier to service, have a shorter cleaning time and are claimed to be more robust than any previous ultrasonic cleaners.

The units are available in four tank capacities, 76, 165, 208 and 383 litres, and are specially designed for use onboard in the engine room. Wilhelmsen says that the cleaners are particularly effective for cleaning complex machine parts like injection nozzles, fuel and pump parts, inlet and exhaust valves and surfaces or inner layers that are difficult to reach by normal cleaning methods. They are said to be suitable for cleaning fine mesh fuel and lube oil filters without risk of damage to the elements. Further claimed benefits include reductions in manual work and consumption of chemicals - Wilhelmsen Ships Service points out that it can supply a wide range of environmentally adapted cleaning chemicals, tailor made for use with this range of cleaners.

The cleaners work by using ultrasonic waves combined with heated water, evenly distributed throughout the cleaning bath in order to optimise results. The new pulse function provides additional power during difficult cleaning applications, while the sweep facility may be used to prevent damage to delicate parts or to reduce the effects of standing waves in cleaning tanks.

Heating settings are between 30°C and 80°C with an automatic safety switch-off at 90°C. The units are accessed from the top of the machine via a lid which keeps heat and fumes inside and features a removable basket for access to cleaned parts. Controls are accessible on the front panel. The unit is delivered complete with bottom drain, lid and stainless steel frame for secure fastening to the floor. 

The ultrasonic cleaning unit is waterproof and designed for easy access for servicing. The company points out that the generator can be easily changed if necessary.

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