NSC adopts GL engine condition monitoring survey

03 Feb 2013
Piston with rings, as seen through scavenge ports (GL)

Piston with rings, as seen through scavenge ports (GL)

Germanischer Lloyd says that German shipping company NSC has decided to implement a condition monitoring survey arrangement for the main engine pistons of 49 of its ships.

GL's CM survey arrangement provides information designed to help ship managers improve efficiency of fleets by supporting cost efficient condition-based maintenance schemes. Trend data, for example from regular inspections through the scavenge ports of large two-stroke diesel engines, documented in electronic forms provided by the engine designer, are evaluated and assessed by GL engineers in Hamburg. Taking account of engine designer's instructions and class rules, a statement is sent back to the superintendent and forwarded to the vessel. This statement can then be recognised during the next annual class survey performed by GL surveyors. If there are no indications of areas of concern with the machinery, the surveyor need not resort to a further open-up inspection.

GL offers the CM survey arrangement for crank-train bearings and pistons of 2-stroke diesel engines, as well as for rotating auxiliary machinery, such as centrifugal pumps, electric motors, fans and purifiers.

"The prevention of unnecessary open-up inspections and surveys is one of the significant benefits of the CM survey arrangement," says Dr Jörg Rebel, GL condition monitoring expert. "Open-up inspections and surveys, are costly and time-consuming, especially in the case of piston overhauls for large diesel engines. The dismantling and re-assembling of the engines always holds the risk of damaging a system which is running well."

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