Odfjell adopts Navtor ECDIS solution

16 Feb 2015

Odfjell will meet compliance deadlines for IMO’s Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) mandate after adopting e-navigation solutions from Navtor across its fleet.

With a July deadline for ships of up to 23,000gt, Odfjell’s 40,000dwt vessel Bow Sky has become the first in the fleet to adopt Navtor’s Admiralty vector chart service (AVCS). A further roll out is planned in the first half of the year.

Navtor will facilitate Odfjell’s transition from paper charts to electronic naviagational charts (ENC), increasing operational efficiency while greatly reducing the number of man-hours spent on administration across the shipowner’s 50 deep-sea vessels.

“The administration of paper charts is a necessary yet laborious use of man hours,” said Willy Zeiler, marketing and communications manager, Navtor. “Navtor’s digital ENC service frees up valuable time for the bridge team, allowing them to focus on other important operational tasks, while also increasing job satisfaction, reducing fatigue and, therefore, boosting safety.”

Navtor’s ENC solution is distributed on a pre-loaded USB stick, offering instant access to global charts and licences. The NavSync online synchronisation feature ensures that all charts, updates and licences are the most recent versions, meeting SOLAS chart carriage requirements.

“The AVCS offer is the cornerstone, but with our NavTracker fleet management tool and weather optimised route planning service we have a truly comprehensive e-navigation package,” said Zeiler. “This delivers not just safer navigation and reduced man hours, but also better shore-to-sea understanding of fleet movements, enhanced planning capabilities and informed decision making.”

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