PSV designs aimed at Asia-Pacific owners

18 Mar 2014
Wärtsilä Ship Design has adapted its established Norwegian vessel designs for the Asia-Pacific market

Wärtsilä Ship Design has adapted its established Norwegian vessel designs for the Asia-Pacific market

Wärtsilä Ship Design (WSD) Singapore has unveiled a Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) design package aimed at ship owners and shipyards in the Asia-Pacific region.

The WSD PSV series of four vessels, consisting of the WSD 600, WSD 750, WSD 800 and WSD 1000 designs in the 3,000dwt to 5,200dwt range, is said to offer ship owners the opportunity to select the hulls best suited to their needs. The designs can be customised to suit individual operational requirements. The series has been developed from vessels which have been well proven in Norwegian operations, and optimised for the Asian shipbuilding processes as well as to provide enhanced cargo capacity and flexibility, fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Wärtsilä claims that the benefits of the WSD PSV series include proven designs, low building costs, guaranteed operational performance and an integrated equipment solution.

Wärtsilä’s patented Low Loss Concept (LLC) solution may be incorporated, to achieve a high environmental regularity number (ERN) without increasing installed engine power. The benefits of this include fuel savings and reduced levels of emissions as a result of lower losses in the vessel’s electrical system, improved dynamic positioning capability in both normal and failure scenarios, reduced weight and space requirements, and increased levels of safety.

One vessel in the new WSD PSV series has already been successfully delivered and is in operation by an oil major in the Asia-Pacific region, and several others are under construction. The range has now been extended with two new designs to meet future demand in the PSV segment.

“Sustainability and efficiency are top of mind for owners and shipyards today. Fuel efficiency, emissions management, lifecycle costs and reliability have become basic expectations when a vessel is ordered. Owners and yards get all these benefits with the WSD PSV series, coupled with designs that have been developed for the Asian shipbuilding industry,” said Jan Othman, MD, Wärtsilä Ship Design Singapore.

“With cost efficiencies determining activity – including what kind of vessels to build and where to build them – ship owners and shipyards should take advantage of the total solution offering that comes with the WSD PSV designs. Wärtsilä Ship Design has a unique value proposition for clients in Asia, with capabilities to develop and deliver high-end designs with competitive building costs from our Singapore office. Wärtsilä’s one-stop proposition and strong local presence of ship design offices in Asia – combined with our extensive expertise in marine technologies – makes our value proposition attractive,” said Mr Othman.

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