PureSOx exhaust cleaning solutions for 12 DFDS ships

23 Sep 2013
More DFDS ships to have PureSOx installed

More DFDS ships to have PureSOx installed

Alfa Laval has confirmed that it has received orders for eight further shipsets of PureSOx exhaust gas scrubber equipment from Danish shipping company DFDS.

Delivery is scheduled from January to July 2014, and the systems will be retrofitted to five ro-ro and three ro-pax vessels. Aalborg Industries, now part of Alfa Laval, first supplied an exhaust gas scrubber to DFDS for the conversion of ro-ro ship Ficaria Seaways in 2008. This system has now operated successfully for over 10,000h in both open- and closed loop-configurations. This was followed by orders in December 2012 for three more PureSOx systems. With another order, reported to have been placed in June and worth around €19.5 million, the total number of DFDS vessels, including the Ficaria, that have been or will be retrofitted with PureSOx has increased to 12.

The company says that the eight-vessel order is noteworthy due to the range of engine makers and types represented, with two-stroke and four-stroke engines, of power output 18.9MW to 18.8MW, from MAN, GMT-Sulzer and Wärtsilä). It also marks the first application of PureSOx to DFDS ro-pax ships.

DFDS vice president and head of technical organisation Kasper Moos said, “With our investments in scrubber systems, DFDS is among the companies leading the way to compliance with the sulphur emissions regulations that will take effect in 2015. We believe hybrid scrubbers are among the most efficient alternatives to using expensive low-sulphur fuel oil. Based on our previous experience, PureSOx has proven to be a reliable and efficient retrofit solution. We have been very pleased with the cooperation with Alfa Laval.”

 “We are pleased that DFDS is satisfied with the performance of the Alfa Laval PureSOx systems,” said Peter Leifland, president, Alfa Laval Marine and Diesel division. “We will continue to support DFDS in their discussions with ship designers and shipyards and in their efforts to ensure their vessels are fully compliant with IMO emissions regulations.”

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