Raytheon bridge system contracts

23 Apr 2013
Raytheon's integrated bridge system will be installed on PSVs and MPSVs

Raytheon's integrated bridge system will be installed on PSVs and MPSVs

German navigation system manufacturer, Raytheon Anschütz, has won a number of contracts for its integrated bridge systems, to be installed on newbuilt vessels for offshore operations.

Martin Richter, marketing manager, Raytheon Anschütz, told The Motorship: "We've seen an increasing demand for integration as a result of more complex functional requirements and operational needs. A 'more integrated system' standardises operation, automation of routines and system performance monitoring. This benefits ship owners and in particular, vessels working in the demanding offshore environment."

The company will deliver its bridge navigation system and communication systems to be installed on a 4,500 tonnes platform supply vessel (PSV) being built at Brazilian shipyard, Keppel Singmarine Brasil.

The navigation bridge will be equipped according to ABS class requirements with Synapsis radar and chart radar, Synapsis ECDIS, NautoPilot adaptive autopilot system, a triple standard 22 gyro compass system and further navigation sensors.

In addition, the company will provide a range of CCTV and radio communication and broadband equipment for the new vessel.

Raytheon Anschütz will also supply its integrated bridge systems to six PSVs being built at Fujian Southeast shipyard in China.

A third contract for Raytheon’s bridge systems comes from Norway’s BOA Offshore for two of its multi purpose supply vessels (MPSVs), being built at Chinese Mindge shipyard. The contract covers the supply of radar, chart radar, ECDIS and conning for the fore and aft bridge, as well as gyro compasses, adaptive autopilot, and a full navigation sensors package and radio communication equipment.

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