Repeat orders validate scrubber technology

25 Jan 2013

Wärtsilä says that it has received an order to provide a further hybrid exhaust gas cleaning and SCR system, from an unspecified repeat customer.

The hybrid exhaust gas cleaning system enables the choice between open-loop and closed-loop scrubbing to be made at any time, meaning that exhaust gas cleaning using only seawater can be enabled at sea but while manoeuvring or in port the system can be closed, re-circulating the water already within the scrubber. This system will enable the vessel to operate on HFO and meet the 2015 0.1% sulphur limits within ECAs as well as the proposed 2020 global 0.5% sulphur cap. The additional SCR system, which is integrated into the engine downstream of the exhaust gas turbine, is claimed to remove up to 95% of NOx from the vessel's emissions, enabling compliance with IMO Tier III from 2016.

Sigurd Jenssen, director, exhaust gas cleaning, Wärtsilä Ship Power, environmental solutions, said: "This repeat order, included in the 2012 fourth quarter order book for Wärtsilä, further validates scrubbing technology as a proven, efficient and cost effective method of meeting and exceeding ECA compliance and is evidence of the strong customer partnerships that we develop and the quality of the systems that we provide. Wärtsilä customers are at the forefront of proactive preparation for further incoming environmental regulation and are taking their responsibilities seriously."

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