Rolls-Royce engines ABS-certified

24 Feb 2014

"The NVR certification of the Series 4000 engine is another milestone"

Rolls-Royce Power Systems’ MTU Series 4000 engines have been awarded Naval Vessel Rules (NVR) certification by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

The new ABS NVR certification, a requirement for the US Coast Guard’s Fast Response Cutter (FRC) programme, was awarded after rigorous testing of the 20V 4000 M73 that included extensive run times at 110% of the engine’s rated power in a variety of extreme environmental conditions. Extensive validation testing was also completed in commercial marine and military applications.

Knut Mueller, vice president of governmental sales, MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH, said: “The NVR certification of the Series 4000 engine is another milestone in our long and distinguished history of providing power and propulsion systems to navies around the world.”

The company says its Series 4000 diesel engines offer “unrivalled” power density in terms of volume-to-power and power-to-weight ratio.

It has been designed with a low operating noise level and features advanced technology to ensure security at sea, fuel efficiency and reliability compared to other engines in its class.

This latest certification joins the Series 8000 in the engine portfolio of MTU will ABS NVR certification.

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