Scrubber partnership to help emissions compliance

12 Sep 2017
AEC Maritime scrubber

VDL AEC Maritime has been set up to provide scrubber installation packages

Shipowners will be better able to meet emissions regulations with a new partnership which provides scrubber systems.

VDL Groep and AEC Maritime launched joint venture ‘VDL AEC Maritime’ to help ships filter their exhaust gases and comply with international emissions requirements.

“The biggest advantage of this new joint venture is that it offers customers one-stop shopping for the entire process from sale and engineering, through to production and installation of the scrubbers,” explained Kevin Kuijs, director of VDL AEC Maritime.

Damen installation

Damen Green Solutions is expected to manage the installation of the scrubbers, which will filter sulphur particles and other components from the exhaust gases emitted by ship engines.

VDL KTI first manufactured and supplied scrubbers to AEC Maritime in 2013. AEC Maritime holds the patent for the scrubber system.

Starting in 2020, sulphur emissions of between 0.1 and 0.5% will be permitted, compared to the 3.5% vessels are currently allowed to emit.

VDL Groep said fitting a filter system is a cost-saving alternative to using cleaner fuel.

Depending on the size of the vessel and the price of oil, the payback time for scrubber investment is around two years, stated VDL Groep.

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