Self-unloaders are designed for efficiency

03 May 2011
MacGregor’s improved self-unloading system for bulk cargoes

MacGregor’s improved self-unloading system for bulk cargoes

Cargotec says it has introduced two new developments in its MacGregor bulk cargo self-unloader systems which deliver greater capacity while minimising environmental impact

The new features are a space-saving gate under the hold and a fully enclosed boom conveyor. The company explains that cargo gates are the first element of a ship's gravity unloading system, and allow the cargo to fall on to the conveyor belt running below the cargo holds in a controlled manner. As part of its continuing R&D investment, Cargotec has developed the MacGregor Full Flow Gate. Its wide gate opening generates increased cargo capacity and increased discharge rates while minimising material flow disruptions. The new gate can handle a variety of cargoes including coal, iron ore, gypsum rock and aggregates.

The boom conveyor is the final element of a ship's bulk self-unloading system, transferring the cargo to a shore based or marine facility. According to Cargotec, up to now, boom conveyors have been equipped with conveyor covers, water spray nozzles and dust collectors to reduce spillage and keep dust emissions to a minimum. The smooth upper surface is designed to prevent ice formation and the inner bottom surface is also smooth to facilitate cleaning. Service and inspection are catered for by walkways alongside the belt. A longer life span is anticipated because the components are protected against the external elements.

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