Sietas suction dredger christened

01 Oct 2012
'Eke Möbius' was christened at Hamburg harbour

'Eke Möbius' was christened at Hamburg harbour

The suction dredger ‘Eke Möbius’, built by Sietas shipyard, has been handed over to hydraulic engineering company, Josef Möbius Bau-GmbH, and was christened last week.

The vessel was the second to be built by Sietas for the German company as part of an order placed in 2008. The 118m long dredger has been delivered 12 months after construction began. Run by four diesel engines, the Eke Möbius has a cargo capacity of 7,350m³ and runs at 13 knots an hour. During suction dredging, the vessel has a top speed of two knots and can dredge at a depth of up to 35m. The order was welcome security for Sietas in a depressed shipping market.

Dr Tobias Brinkmann, said: "It is the third ship to be completed and delivered during the Sietas shipyard’s insolvency proceedings and sees the shipyard make another important contribution to maritime expertise in Hamburg. The shipyard is continuing to work flat-out on the first wind-power installation vessel for delivery next year. Negotiations have already begun for the second such vessel.”

He toldThe Motorship: “With the construction and building of the two suction dredgers the Sietas shipyard has expanded its in-house technical competence and widened its range. Further to that Sietas has shown that it can build highly efficient special-purpose ships for this sophisticated market segment.”

Monika Breuch-Moritz, president of the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) christened the vessel, accompanied by Hans-Joachim Otto, the Federal Government’s maritime coordinator and Senator Frank Horch, Hamburg’s Minister of Economy. 

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