Single supplier for safety services

27 May 2009

In a significant review of its safety operations, Exmar Shipmanagement has awarded a contract to Wilhelmsen Ships Service to handle all safety-related business throughout the fleet, including a liferaft rental programme and complete port agencies service.

As part of the programme, Exmar Shipmanagement has concluded a liferaft rental agreement for its full fleet with Wilhelmsen Ships Service. This follows a year of successful liferaft rental trials with two Exmar vessels Brussels and Flanders Loyalty.

This agreement means that Exmar managers no longer have to buy liferafts for their vessels, and they do not have to pay for annual liferaft service. Instead, they just pay a fixed annual rental fee, and Wilhelmsen Ships Service takes care of supplying replacement exchange liferafts when they are due for inspection. This results in a reduction in turnaround time in port, and gives Exmar the benefit of predictable annual budget forecasting.

"In the present economic climate, shipping companies are looking for partners who can offer realistic advice and cost-saving global solutions," said Exmar Shipmanagement?s Technical Director, René Jungbluth. "Wilhelmsen Ships Service was able to meet both these criteria, and have been extremely helpful in finding solutions that meet our specific needs."

Marcel Lambert of Wilhelmsen Ships Service believes that the liferaft rental solution is really starting to take off. "In 2008 the turnover on Rental exceeded US$3 000 000, which is more than double that of 2007. Over 600 vessels worldwide have now signed up to liferaft rental agreements."

This latest agreement not only includes liferaft rental, but also awards the company Preferred Supplier status for port agencies (husbandry, OPA and dry-dock calls)

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