Single weld method improves Damen’s nozzle production

08 Mar 2012
Damen Marine Components’ new nozzle spinning machine

Damen Marine Components’ new nozzle spinning machine

Damen Marine Components of Hardinxveld in the Netherlands, part of the Damen Shipyards Group, says it has developed a new, more efficient and environmentally friendly, method of nozzle production.

The method, employed at DMC’s Polish factory in Gdansk, uses a single weld seam on the inner side of the nozzle rather than fabricating the inner nozzle from several parts. This is combined with a new nozzle spinning machine, which can handle nozzles up to 4.5m diameter. A further advantage claimed for the process is that the nozzle inner surface is much smoother.

Steef Staal, DMC managing director, says: “The new spinning machinery, developed in the past two years, makes the production of nozzles much easier and gives an improved end product, because there is only a single weld seam on the inner side of the nozzle. Manufacturing the complete inside of a nozzle in one go is very special. This machine can produce any nozzle profile in every diameter and without the need for auxiliary tools.”

The spinning machine uses an automated system to produce nozzles with an inside diameter ranging from 1,000mm to 4.5m, and can handle stainless steel, duplex, steel and special steel materials. The process allows shorter lead times, which Mr Staal says allows the company to accommodate customer demands: “Uncertainty in the market often means that companies order equipment at the very last minute and this means that lead times and delivery times are getting shorter. With this machine we adapt to that process.”

DMC says that propeller nozzles are currently in demand, because they can help reduce fuel consumption and thus cut down on CO2 emissions. The production method itself is also claimed to be environmentally friendly, involving less welding and grinding and cutting production time.

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