SKF Blohm + Voss launches at SMM

11 Sep 2014
The new Simplex-Compact FZ stabiliser achieves an operating angle of +/- 60°

The new Simplex-Compact FZ stabiliser achieves an operating angle of +/- 60°

SKF Blohm + Voss are launching two new products for the marine industry – a compact oil dryer and a non-retractable stabiliser, at the SMM exhibition in Hamburg this week.

The Simplex-Compact Oil Dryer extracts water from the sterntube seal lubrication oil to maintain the quality of the oil by facilitating reliable oil and water separation, irrespective of whether the water in the oil is in a free, emulsified or dissolved state.

Oil/water mixtures can occur frequently in oil-lubricated sterntube seal designs without an air chamber. But even in installations where the sealing rings provide a seal against oil or water, the fluids are still required to provide lubrication for the sealing rings on the sterntube bushes.

This is how small amounts of water are able to mix with the lubricating oil promoting the decomposition of the oil into alcohol and acids, attacking the sealing rings.

SKF’s oil dryer has a pump which permanently circulates fresh oil between the seal and the associated tank. This ensures that potential contaminants are removed from the sealing rings. Inside the oil tank the system forces air through the oil from beneath, which is simultaneously heated to create air bubbles in the fluid so the water can evaporate from the surface.

The Simplex-Compact Oil Dryer is offered as a complete “plug-and-play” solution which includes the pump, tank, filter and control unit. It can be installed or retrofitted with all types of oil-lubricated sterntube seals.

Meanwhile, SKF is also launching a non-retractable fin stabiliser which is able to stabilise vessels at anchor. Thanks to the rotary vane motor, the new Simplex-Compact FZ stabiliser achieves an operating angle of +/- 60° and features a compact design making it particularly suitable for small and medium-sized vessels.

Because of the strong capability of the motor, the surface of the fin can be reduced making the purchase price more attractive and cutting operational cost.

The system comes in fin sizes between 1.40m2 and 10.30m2 and a different configuration can also be delivered which meets the strict regulations of the 2013 Vessel General Permit applicable for all US coastal waters.

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