The Motorship extends its footprint

13 Mar 2013

The Motorship has recently added the social media platform Facebook to the various ways in which its content is being distributed.

In addition to the website, with its news, features and directory listings for marine technology professionals, The Motorship has also been using its weekly e-newsletter and Twitter to distribute its digital content and to make it easier for users to share it. This has contributed to the growth in The Motorship’s online audience.

“We have decided to add Facebook as a distribution platform for two reasons,” said Andrew Webster, managing director of Mercator Media, publisher of The Motorship.

“Firstly, it benefits our advertisers because Facebook enables our existing audience to share our content with other professionals in the industry who have not been exposed to The Motorship before. 67% of people who access our content via Facebook are visiting for the first time. They’ve been introduced to the website because someone shared its content with them.

“Secondly, there’s a benefit to our existing and new audience members because those of them that are regular Facebook users will know when there is new content available on the website,” said Mr Webster.


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