Turbocharger family now complete

14 Mar 2011
The TCA44 turbine with 45 steel blades displaying the new airfoil profile

The TCA44 turbine with 45 steel blades displaying the new airfoil profile

MAN Diesel & Turbo has completed its TCA turbocharger range following the extensive test programme carried out on the smallest variant, the TCA44.

The TCA44 has been specifically designed for use on small-bore two stroke engines, and fills the gap between the smaller TCR22 and the TCA55. Such engines were previously served by a version of the TCA55 with a small turbine and compressor wheel. Though thermodynamically feasible, this was not an ideal solution as the TCA55 was larger and heavier than necessary, and also suffered a cost penalty. At 1,970 kg the TCA44 is some 40% smaller and lighter. MAN says that with the predicted expansion of the Chinese short-sea and coastal operation and the growing demand for small-bore, two-stroke engines, the TCA44 has been brought to the market for these applications. Demand has been strong and MAN says it has already taken in a significant number of orders for the TCA44 from its licensees. Deliveries are due to start in the second half of 2011.

The TCA44 follows the design philosophy of the rest of the TCA series, but with some innovations to facilitate production, installation and maintenance, including:

  • 45 steel turbine blades with new airfoil profile;
  • the fixation of turbine blades by one retaining ring instead of 45 individual fixing-plates;
  • oil supply and discharge integrated in turbocharger feet as integral part of the bearing casing;
  • new compressor-wheel profile;
  • simplified IRC design; and
  • modified silencer.

Some of these innovations, such as the turbine blade fixation, will gradually be introduced to the other frame-sizes of the TCA family.

The TCA44, first announced in January 2011, underwent its extensive test programme on the MAN turbocharger test bed in Augsburg. Stefan Mayr, project engineer responsible for the TCA44, said: “This new turbocharger has been specifically designed to meet the needs of small-bore, two-stroke engines and provides optimised turbocharging solutions for engines that exceed the capacity limits of the smaller TCR22 turbocharger.”

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