Variable-sulphur oil from ExxonMobil

05 Jul 2012

ExxonMobil Marine has launched Mobilgard 560 VS, described as an advanced variable-sulphur cylinder oil formulated to deliver outstanding performance and engine wear protection for low-speed diesel engines.

The company says that the new lubricant has ben subjected to extensive laboratory and in-service testing, and has passed rigorous tests with MAN Diesel & Turbo, Wärtsilä, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, for use in two-stroke marine diesel engines operating with a wide range of residual fuels that are commonly in use today.

Field trials, using fuel with sulphur levels of between less than 1% to nearly 4%, the 60BN Mobilgard 560 VS, showed consistent piston cleanliness, even when operating at the same low feed rates as Mobil’s high-performance 70 BN cylinder oil. Furthermore, in vessels operating under extreme conditions, such as slow steaming or ultra-low feed rates down to 0.45 g/kWh, tests showed that Mobilgard 560 VS could help minimise scuffing and wear. 

“Our customers face increasing pressure to reduce sulphur emissions while achieving operational cost efficiencies. We developed Mobilgard 560 VS as a single lubricant solution that can address this challenge by helping to reduce wear, extend engine life, and ensure optimal reliability across a wide range of operating conditions,” said Iain White, field marketing manager, ExxonMobil Marine Limited.

“With North American coastal waters set to become the latest region to implement a 1.0% sulphur ECA in August 2012, Mobilgard 560 VS will provide ship owners and operators with the convenience of being able to use the same cylinder lubricant as they transition from deep-sea operation with traditional fuels to ECAs in coastal areas that demand the use of low-sulphur fuel,” Mr White said.

In various field trials, the use of Mobilgard 560 VS, in conjunction with the MobilGard cylinder condition monitoring programme, enabled several companies to operate with cylinder oil feed rates of nearly 25% below MAN Diesel’s OEM recommended levels, with extremely low wear rates recorded.

Mobilgard 560 VS will be available at major supply points worldwide later this year. It will serve as the replacement for ExxonMobil’s current Mobilgard 570 cylinder oil.

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