Viking cruise ships feature MAN power and PureSOx scrubbers

14 Jun 2013
The compact PureSOx scrubber system chosen for Viking’s two cruise newbuilds (picture: Fincantieri)

The compact PureSOx scrubber system chosen for Viking’s two cruise newbuilds (picture: Fincantieri)

MAN Diesel & Turbo says that it has been contracted to supply eight medium speed engines, in cooperation with Alfa Laval which is supplying PureSOx systems, for two new Viking Ocean Cruises ships being built at Fincantieri.

The new cruise ships will employ a diesel electric plant, each powered by two 9L32/44CR and two 12V32/44CR engines, providing a combined output of 23,520 kW. The engines will operate with MAN Diesel & Turbo’s common-rail injection system, with the capability to run on both heavy fuel oil and distillate fuels. The inclusion of Alfa Laval’s PureSOx exhaust gas treatment systems for sulphur oxide removal means that the ships will be capable of meeting sulphur emission limits, even in ECAs, running on HFO.

MAN says that the main advantages of its common rail technology, optimised for these engines, are that it provides superior performance in terms of fuel consumption and smoke emissions, especially at part-load.

The PureSOx system is claimed to remove over 98% of sulphur oxides from exhaust gas. Because of the stringent space requirements onboard cruise ships, the more compact ‘multiple inlet’ PureSOx system design has been chosen where the exhaust gas from each engine pair is cleaned in a single PureSOx system. Fincantieri and Viking Ocean Cruises decided to employ the closed-loop version of the PureSOx system using fresh water with caustic soda as a reducing agent. This meets port regulations and allows operation in low-alkalinity waters such as estuaries or the Baltic Sea, or other sensitive areas.

Sokrates Tolgos, MAN Diesel & Turbo head of cruise & ferry sales, said: “We feel extremely honoured to have won Fincantieri, the world’s largest cruise shipbuilder, as a new customer for our engines in this high-added-value market segment. Fincantieri’s and Viking Ocean Cruises’ confidence in realising such a technologically leading and innovative cruise project with MAN Diesel & Turbo and Alfa Laval, our consortium partner, signals a new era of cooperation. We consider it an historical step for our future growth in the cruise and ferry business.”

He continued: “By combining MAN’s efficiency-leading 32/44CR engines with the PureSOx exhaust gas treatment system, these super-luxury cruise vessels can fulfil the increasingly stringent global requirements for permissible sulphur oxide emissions in the most economical manner possible. This especially applies to the demanding limit of 0.1% sulphur fuel equivalent in ECAs.”

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