Wärtsilä solutions receive seal of approval

04 Mar 2014
Wärtsilä's sealing solutions comply with the EPA's revised 2013 VGP

Wärtsilä's sealing solutions comply with the EPA's revised 2013 VGP

Wärtsilä’s environmentally-sustainable propeller shaft sealing solutions, Airguard and Oceanguard, can continue to use mineral oil as they meet the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2013 revised Vessel General Permit.

Meeting the EPA Permit, which came into force in December 2013, means owners and operators of commercial vessels over 24m, sailing within US waters with either of these Wärtsilä solutions installed, are not required to change to an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL).

The revised Vessel General Permit aims to control specific discharges, including fuel bunkering, ballast water, bilge water, deck run-off, greywater, chemicals and lubricants, incidental to the normal operational discharge from operations of commercial vessels.

The Airguard and Oceanguard sealing systems have been designed with no oil-to-sea interface. An air chamber or separation space within the seal captures any water or oil leakage, which is then transferred to inboard tanks for monitoring and further treatment. This stops oil drips or leakage into the sea. In the case of system failure, both systems also prevent any oil leakage.

They are also designed to withstand abrasive waters and are compliant with all anti-pollution requirements.

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