Wärtsilä stays positive

29 Jan 2014
Wärtsilä remains positive about 2014

Wärtsilä remains positive about 2014

Wärtsilä is set for a strong 2014, with net sales expected to grow by 0-10% and operational profitability to be around 11%.

This comes after a positive Q4 2013 when the company’s order intake remained stable at around €1.4m and an operating result before non-recurring items of €201m. The company also reported a cash flow from operating activities of €317m and an EBITA of €208m, but net sales decreased 8% to €1.4m.

Despite these positive results, the company says its performance in 2013 was impacted by the continued uncertainty in the global economy.

Björn Rosengren, president and CEO, Wärtsilä, said: "Due to unfavourable exchange rates and some delayed deliveries, the net sales development was slightly weaker than expected. However, profitability remained resilient despite the lower level of sales. Supported by a strong fourth quarter and a focus on cost control, our full year operational profitability reached 11.2%.”

Cash flow from operating activities also developed well, increasing to €578m during the year.

Wärtsilä says overall there was significant improvement in the marine markets during 2013 and ordering was active in all major vessel segments.  

“Our market outlook for 2014 remains cautious, although a slight improvement may be seen in certain areas. Based on our current order book and project pipeline we expect some growth in net sales during 2014 and profitability to remain at a similar level to that of 2013,” Mr Rosengren added.

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