Wärtsilä supplies design for Subsea 7 DSV

20 Dec 2012
The new VS 4725 DSV from Wärtsilä Ship Design will be built for Subsea 7 by HHI in Korea

The new VS 4725 DSV from Wärtsilä Ship Design will be built for Subsea 7 by HHI in Korea

Wärtsilä has signed a contract for the design of a new type of diving support vessel (DSV) to be built for Subsea 7, an engineering, construction, and services contractor to the offshore energy industry.

The design, designated the  VS 4725 DSV, has been created by Wärtsilä Ship Design specifically for this vessel, which will be built at the Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) shipyard in Korea, with delivery scheduled for 2015. The ship will be 123m length oa, 24m beam, 10.5m depth and will have accommodation for 110 personnel.

The DSV will be deployed on North Sea diving operations on a year round basis. The design is the result of co-operation between Subsea 7, HHI, Drass Energy, the diving equipment supplier, and Wärtsilä. The result is said to offer high safety and good working conditions to all personnel onboard, as well as safe and efficient operations in often challenging sea and weather conditions.

A three-split engine and propulsion configuration ensures high redundancy. Under this configuration, the systems relating to the generator sets, propulsion machinery, thrusters, electrical controls and all related auxiliary equipment, are divided into three sections. This additionally ensures a high ERN (environmental regularity number) score, while limiting risk of failure. In a worst case failure scenario, most of the generator sets and thrusters will remain in operation.

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