Wilhelmsen eyes efficiency gains by data sharing

09 Nov 2017
Wilhelmsen is leveraging its data using DNV GL’s Veracity industry platform

Wilhelmsen is leveraging its data using DNV GL’s Veracity industry platform

Wilhelmsen is exploring concrete ways of leveraging its data and making efficiency gains using DNV GL’s Veracity industry platform.

In one of the first data sharing pilot projects on the new open platform, Wilhelmsen is testing a system to share ship compliance and condition data with port state authorities to reduce paper work and physical inspections when entering ports.

“As ships and their systems become more sophisticated, we have more equipment with sensors onboard that are generating and sharing data,” said Inge André Sandvik, chief digital officer at The Wilhelmsen Group.

“If we can gather and systemise this data, this opens up a huge range of possibilities, for example predicting maintenance needs, optimising vessel performance and safety, or, as we are now testing, making port entry procedures more smooth and efficient.”

Pilot project

Currently, Wilhelmsen and DNV GL are testing a pilot project on the Veracity platform in cooperation with a major port state authority.

Wilhelmsen has created a secure data container on Veracity, where it can collect compliance, condition and other relevant data on its vessels.

Through the platform, the company is then able to grant the PSA access to this data, reducing paper work and speeding port entry.

Veracity also includes a marketplace, where platform users can access industrial applications and data analytics services that can help them make better use of their data.

Although the project is still in an early phase, Wilhelmsen said it has already shown how an open and secure data platform could reduce friction between stakeholders and create greater efficiencies.

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