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World's largest floating dock goes into production

02 Dec 2008
The world's largest floating dock, the "Zhonghai Emeishan," started production in CSG Ship-Repairing Base at Changxing Island, Shanghai a few days ago. This marks Shanghai's ability to undertake repair tasks and conversion projects for shipowners around the world.

The "Zhonghai Emeishan" has an overall length of 410 metres, width of 82 metres, depth of 28 metres, and lift force of 85,000 tonnes. The floating dock weighs 42,000 tonnes and required more than 38,000 tonnes of steel to build and cost 580 million yuan investment to complete. It is now the world's largest and most technologically advanced floating dock, and can be remotely-controlled from a central control room.

The floating dock was built by the China Shipping Industry's shipbuilding facility in Yangzhou, Jiangsu and launched on 28 September.