WSS dry docking solution

01 Nov 2013

Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) has launched a new streamlined dry docking service which aims to integrate ships agency, safety and equipment services into a single source.

Paul Rogers, WSS commercial director for North East Asia, said that this solution serves a dual purpose – it gives WSS customers the security of working with an agent they trust and provides them with greater transparency.

He said: “For an owner preparing to dry dock, using an agent that they deal with everyday makes a lot of sense from a commercial and operational point of view. Dry docking is a critical component of a vessel’s lifecycle, but is one that is also expensive, complex, highly technical and prone to unforeseen circumstances.”

Mr Rogers pointed out the new service will be attractive to operators and owners because of the leverage they could achieve in terms of service supply.

WSS says that it can also co-ordinate supply of marine chemicals and safety services, handling of crew and personnel management, which can sometimes be beyond the capability of a yard.

It’s also able to arrange all agency services necessary for the vessel’s departure

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