ABS approves simplified system

11 May 2014
CUI Global’s GasPT2 data collection systems now have ABS approval

CUI Global’s GasPT2 data collection systems now have ABS approval

US-based CUI Global's GasPT2 technology has received ABS certification for marine and offshore use.

The GasPT2 system has been developed in collaboration with the Cryostar group and ABS. It is intended for use onboard LNG carriers powered by two-stroke diesels, on which the boil off gas from the cargo is re-liquefied to be returned to the cargo, rather than used to fuel the ship’s engines.

The system takes a sample of pressurised natural boil-off gas and provides composition data, which is then fed into the ship’s distribution control system in order to optimise the performance of the re-liquification process.

It incorporates specialised cryogenic equipment, and has been engineered for marine use by CUI Global British subsidiary company Orbital Gas Systems (Orbital-UK).

Cryostar was said to have been attracted to the ‘fit and forget’ philosophy behind the GasPT2 design for its proprietary EcoRel re-liquefaction plants, used on oil-fuelled LNG carriers which do not comsume boil-off gas and therefore require a means to maintain safe cargo tank conditions and re-liquefy the gas.

One useful feature of the technology is that as ships’ crews may not have specialised technical knowledge, it can be difficult to maintain other types of analysers, especially those requiring periodic re-calibration. 

Based on receipt of this ABS certification, Orbital-UK is now in the process of delivering to Cryostar the first four systems for use on-board new LNG carriers.

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