ABS publishes LNG-ready guide

08 Dec 2014

ABS has released a guide to help the maritime industry plan newbuilds for future conversions to LNG fuel.

The Guide for LNG Fuel Ready Vessels formalises the process, providing a detailed review and approval and an associated class notation.

"The projects ABS has already worked on demonstrate the variability from the designer's and owner's perspective of the requirements associated with the term LNG Ready," said Patrick Janssens, vice president of Global Gas Solutions, ABS.

"Rather than rely solely on current notations and descriptive notes to express to what extent a ship is LNG ready, the ABS Guide and notation are powerful tools that go beyond the basics to help clients specify work to be done in the construction phase and when they are ready to convert,” he added.

It includes a basic level of Concept Design Approval, with a design review for approval in principle (AIP), and two optional levels for general design approval and installed equipment.

The first optional level is a General Design Review that allows an owner to approach a shipyard with a reviewed design package for the gas-fuelled system at the time of conversion. The second optional level is Detail Design Approval and Installation which constitutes a complete design review and survey of a system that will be installed on the LNG-ready ship. 

The first level provides an AIP and a descriptive note, the second provides a Statement of Compliance, and the third level results in an LNG Fuel Ready class notation.


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