Cryogenic valves for ferry LNGPac retrofit

06 Sep 2013
LNG valves from Bestobell, as supplied to Wärtsilä for the ‘Osfriesland’ retrofit

LNG valves from Bestobell, as supplied to Wärtsilä for the ‘Osfriesland’ retrofit

UK-based Bestobell Valves reports an order from Wärtsilä Gas Power Systems, with which it formed a partnership in April 2013 as a preferred supplier of cryogenic valves for Wärtsilä’s LNGPac fuel system.

The order, the first under the partnership, will see Bestobell supplying 20 cryogenic valves, which it describes as a combination of Class 150 manual and pneumatic actuated globe valves, for the fuel system onboard the ferry Osfriesland, which is being converted by Wärtsilä to dual-fuel operation, running on LNG and fuel oil.

Bestobell says it had to work to a tight eight-week deadline to manufacture and deliver the valves. According to Mark Henley, MD of Bestobell’s parent, President Engineering Group: “Wärtsilä is an important strategic partner and we look forward to this being the first of many important contracts over the next few years. We are seeing significant demand for our cryogenic valves for dual-fuel applications, as ship owners work to make their vessels more environmentally friendly. We were pleased to be able to assist Wärtsilä and our dedicated team worked hard to ensure we could turn this contract around within the short timeframe.”

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