Damen EcoLiner efficiency

The Damen EcoLiner has had its efficiency confirmed by the MARIN research institute The Damen EcoLiner has had its efficiency confirmed by the MARIN research institute
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Damen Shipyards' first LNG-powered inland shipping tanker has just completed comprehensive tank testing of the new design at research institute MARIN, confirming the vessel's efficiency.

The 110m EcoLiner was developed to combine conventional, proven engineering with sustainable innovations, including the world’s first installations of the ACES Air-Lubricated Hull, a gas-electrical shaft propulsion system and one of the first Van der Velden® FLEX Tunnel installations.

Simon Provoost, product director, inland waterway transport, Damen Shipyards, said: “After successfully testing at MARIN, we can now complete the build in the Netherlands and we’re talking with a number of interested parties. Fuel accounts for a very large proportion of inland shipping costs, so if operators can save 20% or more, that generates a lot of interest.”

He continued: “Every part of the EcoLiner has been designed to reduce fuel consumption. That, combined with low-emission LNG instead of marine diesel, makes the EcoLiner easily the greenest inland shipping vessel in Europe.”

The European Union co-financed the project from the Trans-European Transport Network Programme to the tune of €1.1m as part of the “LNG Masterplan for Rhine-Main-Danube” project.

The Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ADN-UNECE) has approved the gas-powered design, meaning the vessel can travel on all international inland waterways.

Delivery of the first EcoLiner is scheduled for summer 2015 and it will be delivered as a tanker. But being of modular design it can be built to transport any commodity, including containers and dry bulk.


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