DNV GL looks at LNG bunkering risks

The JIP will look at the possible risks of small scale LNG bunkering The JIP will look at the possible risks of small scale LNG bunkering
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DNV GL is setting up a joint industry project (JIP) that will look at the risks exposed at small scale LNG bunkering and filling stations.

This comes after an accidental LNG release. The JIP will contribute to the development of rigorous safety standards and guidelines for LNG stations.

“The modelling community in Europe and risk assessment experts are uncertain about the capabilities of hazard tools in predicting LNG behaviour in the event of an accidental release of liquefied natural gas. DNV GL is therefore teaming up with industry partners to simulate several credible failure scenarios at small-scale LNG bunkering and filling stations at our Spadeadam test centre in the UK,” said Mohammad Ahmad, project manager, DNV GL.

DNV GL has already taken steps to harmonise LNG bunkering operations by launching a Recommended Practice, which provides guidance on how LNG bunkering can be carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

Despite the well-established scale of the large scale LNG market, challenges remain regarding the development of the small scale LNG sector. For example, quality management, material specification, metering and sampling methods and lack of safety standards and guidelines. To address this, regulation authorities in European countries like the Netherlands and UK, are currently working on issuing standards for safe design, siting, construction and operation of LNG filling stations.

Experiments at Spadeadam will gather data to study and understand LNG behaviour (discharge, vaporisation, dispersion and flammable effects) following a system failure (puncture of a transfer hose or rupture of a storage tank).

“This will generate valuable data to create well verified and approved models which accurately predict the behaviour of LNG in any type of system failure,” Mr Ahmad added.

Industry players are invited to join the project.

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